You may well have noticed through your journey with us as an applicant that Action for Children currently have two different brands in place. We wanted to take some time to explain the reason behind this to help clarify any questions you may have. If you do go on to work with us then we hope that these FAQs will help you can understand the reasons for our new direction and the brand’s role across the organisation.

We've created a short film to express what our new brand means to us. We hope it strikes a chord with you.

Our brand comes to life through the brilliant work we all do every day. This is the start of an exciting new chapter for Action for Children. If you are successful in your application then we look forward to working with you to embed the new brand across everything we do.

The public launch of our new brand was on the 9 July 2019 but we are working through a phased rollout programme. We are working on updating everything as quickly as possible but this is why you will currently see two brands in place.

Why are we relaunching our brand?

Why are we relaunching our brand

Over the last year weve sharpened our focus as an organisation. We have a clear new sense of what we want to stand for - captured in our new Vision, Mission and Values. We also have a new ambition for our internal culture.

Our current branding doesn’t reflect this new focus, and doesn't inspire the general public to support us. We've also found internally that our current identity is restrictive and hard for our teams to work with.

All of these limitations are a particular issue, as we're increasingly reliant on voluntary income. That's why we've created our new brand look and feel: it brings our new focus to life, to inspire support from our many audiences – including the general public.

What are our new Vision, Mission and Values?

What are our new Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision is that every child and young person in the country has a safe and happy childhood and the foundations they need to thrive. The core of this Vision is ‘safe and happy childhood': a simple, clear phrase that captures what we aspire to for children and young people.

Our Mission is to protect and support children and young people. We do this by providing practical and emotional care and support; by ensuring their voices are heard; and by campaigning to bring lasting improvements to their lives.These are the practical actions we undertake as an organisation, to help bring our Vision about.

We have four Values:

  • We're passionate about all children having a safe and happy childhood.
  • We're ambitious for children and young people.
  • We collaborate internally and externally with other organisations to get the best outcomes for children.
  • And we're inclusive, striving to ensure that all children are included.

How does this project affect our internal culture?

How does this project affect our internal culture

Our internal culture will be guided by a simple, powerful concept: We Are Family. This concept was inspired by the unique way in which our children's services operate, but it's equally relevant to all of us.

What pulls the Action for Children family together? It's the Vision, Mission and Values that we all share. Whatever role we play in the organisation, wherever we're located, we're all motivated by a passionate belief in the importance of a safe and happy childhood. The whole Action for Children ‘family' is working towards this shared goal.

As part of our work on internal culture, we'll be digging deeper into what ‘We Are Family' means to staff across the organisation, and how it can help us all to unlock better ways of working.

What's the thinking behind our new 'star' logo?

What's the thinking behind our new 'star' logo

The star shape evolved from our historical logos, which featured a child with outstretched arms.

A star has an important and positive meaning: it’s a beacon of hope, a guiding light. This reflects our belief that no matter how challenging a situation might seem, the right help and support can make a positive step towards a safe and happy childhood. A star is also a badge of achievement and affirmation, and this is particularly relevant to young people. As one member of our Youth Advisory Board commented when they saw our new logo, 'we're all stars in our own ways.'

Why did we choose to write 'Action for Children' as a signature?

Why did we choose to write 'Action for Children' as a signature

We chose a signature style to reflect the personal commitment we all have to our work. In other words, we're not a faceless corporation; we're an expert team of dedicated, caring people – driven by a passionate belief in the importance of a safe and happy childhood. The writing also slants forward, to heighten the feeling of action and energy.

What's the approach for our photography?

What's the approach for our photography

We've chosen a style that's authentic and real. We'll capture childhood moments: everyday situations in a natural, unposed setting. We'll also represent young personalities through honest, engaging portraits. Throughout this work, we'll span a spectrum: from 'safe and happy childhood' to children in (or on the edge of) crisis.

What about our tone-of-voice?

What about our tone-of-voice

Getting our language right is just as important as our visual identity. Our tone-of-voice is how we say what we say: the mood or feeling we create.

In keeping with our culture (We Are Family), we’ll speak like real people, not a faceless corporation:

  • We'll be inclusive. That means simple sentences that are easy to understand. And no stereotypes.
  • We'll be hopeful. This reflects our belief that with the right help and support, even the most challenging circumstances can take a positive step forward.
  • We'll be wise. Our staff are experts in their fields, but that doesn’t mean we tell people what to do. We’ll offer guidance, not commands. And information, not instruction.